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Why DB2 Express-C?

DB2 Express-C™ is the free version of one of the most advanced database management systems in the world. Why pay when you can have all you need for free? DB2 Express-C is free to develop, deploy and distribute.

It is a fast, secure, reliable, and amazingly scalable dataserver, ideal for most startups and small/medium sized businesses. DB2 Express-C 11.1 is available on Linux, Unix, Windows, and now Mac OS X as well! It also enables developers to easily handle XML through the native storage technology called pureXML™. Whether you develop in Java, .Net, Ruby, Python, Perl or pretty much any other programming language out there, DB2 can be your technological advantage.

Let's get started

Very few Limits

DB2 Express-C is not a crippled version of DB2. Au contraire, DB2 Express-C shares the same code as the other commercial editions and it has a very generous license, which imposes very few limits on your database. This means that on your server it can take advantage of:

Way above the competition

FEATURE DB2 Express-C SQL Server 2005 Express Oracle 10g Express Edition
CPUs 1 (Up to 2 Cores) 1 1
RAM 16 Giga 1 Giga 1 Giga
DB Size 15 TB 4 Giga 4 Giga
32/64 bit 32/64 bit 32 bit 32 bit

Purchasing 24/7 support for less than $3K a year, enables DB2 to use additional hardware resources and features such as High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) and SQL Replication.

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